Thursday, 24 July 2014

Big Gig Page 4

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This car,man. The VW Beetle was a pain in the astrology (censored). I hate technology. Ayy, that rhymed. Anywho,i am pretty satisfied with myself. Yes i. Don't judge me. Oh yeah and, pages of the comic comin' every Thursday, Friday or Saturday. Hey, i (yes i) can't be accurate like Fridays with Pewdiepie. Actually i can. P.S. More of this car to come, more music, more adventure,and a new friend.If you like it so far, stay tuned. The art will only get better an better.   


  1. Also check out the fish! Click to feed them.

  2. Actually I don't like to draw cars, neither. Well, I just can't draw them. :-/
    Especually modern cars which do have shapes I just don"t "catch". Its better with old cars which have some personality. And yes, the old VW Beatle was such as a car. maybe the last one of this kind. Good drawuing job on this one!