Saturday, 27 September 2014

Big Gig Page 12

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You know how when in videogames you get hurt, the edges of the screen get darker. That's the effect.
Welcome to page 12, after which comes the 3-month milestone.
If we survive that, smooth sailing ahead.


Which music do you listen to?
Me, i like the old ones.
Like, a few from Led Zeppelin, beginnings of Black Sabbath, two songs from Metallica, and everything from Queen and Dire Straits.
Oh yeah, and i should probably put this here:


May contain blood, injuries, music and crappy drawings. Batteries not included.

I wonder if in the future there will be a sign on Energizer or Duracell 'toy not included'. 
If you don't know those are batteries.
So, um, yeah...


No, wait, i meant;  

Sunday, 21 September 2014

Big Gig Page 11 (Birthday edition!)

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*birthday dance*

Hey guys (girls too!)how's it going?         I saw the light of life on September 18th not so long ago.
So this weeks page is late because 
i worked very hard on it, and I love it!!!

It seems i have made a pact with a fierce warrior of the webcomic nation, and all around awesome person, the author of Full Fledged.
Maybe I'll make a community.
 I'm gonna make my own community With webcomics and feedback

Yeah, i like that.
If you wanna check out Full Fledged, I'm afraid you wont like me anymore. But what can you do?

First to comment gets a free muffin!

K bye!


Saturday, 13 September 2014

Big Gig Page 10

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*champagne pops in the background*

Hey dudes, wazzap?
Thank you for joining me on this historic night.

Tonight we like!

Tonight... we love.

If Mrs. Lou sounds familiar, i tweaked the song  title MISIRLOU because copyright.
If you haven't heard it Google it.

So i'm late this time because i (get used to i ) had a vomit streak after listening to Nicki Minaj.
I will get better don't worry.

Gallery will be up soon.

This will from now on be a community for comics that just started, because sharing other peoples comics worked so well.
If you have a comic leave a link, and I will see it and I will share it and comment.

Riggedy Sunshines, ADIOS!

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Big Gig Page 9

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Man, still haven't got used to work again. Lettering via Photoshop was a pain

stakingly hard thing to do.

Currently listening to Simon and Garfunkel, A Hazy Shade Of Winter. Know a good old song? Leave a link in the comments.

So, our good friend's name is Nigel. Awesome name. i think he's gonna be a nerdy cool guy.(IF THAT RACE EXISTS).Jeff is a sporty, but a jock-like kind of guy. Nigel always calls him Jeff, except sometimes. 


We got the line-up, so that's awesome. Now we just wait 'til the story unfolds...

Wait, aitwaitwait. Sunday? Son of a...

Sorry for being late sugarlumps.