Friday, 29 August 2014

Big Gig Page 8

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Back from vacation! Sorry for leaving you unsupervised. But i'm back now until December, probably.


You're probably wondering who the man behind the door is. He's a cool guy, don't worry about it.
Did i miss you? Yes. Did you miss me? i dunno. 
Heh, i feel like i'm talkin' to myself. 
Dat gotta be like the man in the TV box feelin', right pa?
Sorry, sometimes i go full country.

Not that there is anyhing wrong with that of course.

I found some awesome people that draw better than me. My lack of talent is my style.
You can find some of those people in the box to the right:
I'm still waiting for permission from two more. Because i am a gentleman.

I am also super super modest. 

Comment punks, i dare ya.
Bye 'till next  Friday!

P.S. i'm thinking of making a side gallery for sketches an' stuff.
P.P.S. If you're new, it's a little i because anarchy.


  1. Well, I would defintely be scared if that guy knocked at my door? I'd probably pretend being out of the house.

  2. Did ya color the black paper bits by hand? Cause that takes some fkin dedication. Yes!! Keep at it, dude. Also i have no idea what is happening yet but i'm sorta excited?