Sunday, 7 September 2014

Big Gig Page 9

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Man, still haven't got used to work again. Lettering via Photoshop was a pain

stakingly hard thing to do.

Currently listening to Simon and Garfunkel, A Hazy Shade Of Winter. Know a good old song? Leave a link in the comments.

So, our good friend's name is Nigel. Awesome name. i think he's gonna be a nerdy cool guy.(IF THAT RACE EXISTS).Jeff is a sporty, but a jock-like kind of guy. Nigel always calls him Jeff, except sometimes. 


We got the line-up, so that's awesome. Now we just wait 'til the story unfolds...

Wait, aitwaitwait. Sunday? Son of a...

Sorry for being late sugarlumps.


  1. If you can't read the page, sorry about that. Zoom in.

    1. A few days ago, after reading your comics, I woke up and realized why your comic's name is Big Gig. The epiphany was so sudden I almost had an aneurism.
      Fun to see your strips. Keep posting things! What day do think you plan to update on?

    2. OH NO! Are you okay? Probably Friday y'know w/ school and stuff...

  2. LOL. Joking, no worries.
    Interesting. Just wondered. Good luck! And thanks for the twitter follow.