Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Big Gig Page 19

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New page!

My arm kinda hurts from all that.

But yeah, lettering!

Every word is a different font.
And Nigel is fitting in perfectly. (not really)
But yeah!

i don't have a scanner, which is like flying a plane with no engines. 
For newcomers saying why the little i?
i have always had a spark of anarchy, but since i made a mistake by being a good kid, i have to keep that reputation. But i'm a rebel. Probably.

i want to tell you a little story from my childhood.

When i was only a little lad, i rode a bus to school.
The eager little scamp in me couldn't wait till the stop, and leaped from my seat and started hopping toward the door. Just then, a driver suddenly came to a stop in his cherry red car, and the bus halted with extreme haste, causing an impulse that projected me from the middle to the back of the bus. I do believe i slid on my buttocks for the entire time. So i will be known as the kid that slid across the bus.

If you like these life stories, do tell me. There is  a voting system little further down the page. Scroll down and vote.

Oh yeah, and Titanic II sunk. Who would have guessed it?
K bye!
*snowboards away on an avalanche of kittens*

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