Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Big Gig Comic Page 24 (Issue #2)

Is there anybody out there?

OK, after that homage to Pink Floyd, let's move on, shall we? 

I bought a scanner!
*clap clap clap*
Thank you to all my, .... *cough* to my readers! For sticking up with me! Yay!

Now onto the bad news

We may have a problem. Turns out the previous pages are a little hard to edit, since I don't use Photoshop anymore. So we're probably gonna keep them as they are for now. SO ONLY FOR NOW.

This has been page 24.
Thank you and good night.


  1. clever nick name2 August 2015 at 00:54

    Thank YOU; I've enjoyed this. i look 4ward to moar

  2. I like this strip! I'm goingto check itout from the start. Love the cat and the musician designs :)

  3. Aww thank you all so much!