Monday, 24 August 2015

Big Gig Page 27 #2

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This weeks homage is dedicated to: AC/DC

Hello all you wonderful people!
Thank you for stopping by.
This is Big Gig Comic.

Generally, I planned for this series just to be one where you can start from any point, just meaningless meandering intended for relaxation.
But I think I'm gonna add at least two or maybe even three overlapping story arcs.

In theory: Everything should work out perfect.
In practice: Everything should work out perfect. Nope, instructions unclear, ended up with weak character development.

We'll see how this goes.

Also, I got some nice comments from fellow comic artists:
Tantz Aerine from Without Moonlight:A WWII adventure
GrayFlames from BlueGreenBlack:A high school slice of life

Well, that's it.
*Sails away on a crimson tide*

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